First Place - Class Competition - Michael-Ende-Schule, Klasse 4b

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Entry - Alexander Lütkemeier

Alexander Lütkemeier

Entry - Anne Hunger

Anne Hunger

Entry - Emilia Scheliger

Emilia Scheliger

Entry - Ena Baczewski

Ena Baczewski

Entry - Jakob Schwarz

Jakob Schwarz

Entry - Justin Mattern

Justin Mattern

Entry - Kiara Schützenhofer

Kiara Schützenhofer

Entry - Lars Scheibner

Lars Scheibner

Entry - Lars Wackerow

Lars Wackerow

Entry - Leonie Schiemann

Leonie Schiemann

Entry - Linda Suthoff

Linda Suthoff

Entry - Linus Misch

Linus Misch

Entry - Marcel Sieg

Marcel Sieg

Entry - Marlene Kälter

Marlene Kälter

Entry - Max Panyuta

Max Panyuta

Entry - Melda Yaman

Melda Yaman

Entry - Michael Vologin

Michael Vologin

Entry - Philipp Kräling

Philipp Kräling

Entry - Rooney Moffo

Rooney Moffo

Entry - Rosy Moffo

Rosy Moffo

Entry - Samantha Landgraf

Samantha Landgraf

Entry - Sofia Cubaleski

Sofia Cubaleski

Entry - Sophie Folgmann

Sophie Folgmann

Entry - Thumbs.db


Entry - Tim Mohrmann

Tim Mohrmann