The Brain of the Future

We are pleased to be able to announce the winners of the IGSN Painting Competition - "The Brain of the Future"
The competition was divided into two categories: class competition and individual competition.
Prizes will be awarded as part of the IGSN Graduation Day 2010, which will take place on 3rd December.
The competition was a resounding success, thanks to all those who took part.
If you click on the links below you will be able to view the winning entries.

Class competition:
1st place: Waldschule, Klasse 4b
2nd place (joint): Brenscheder Schule, Klasse 4a
GGS Westenfeld, Klasse 4c
Individual competition:
1st place: Luisa Plaßmann, GGS Westenfeld, 4c
2nd place: Charlotte Glenz, Friederika Schule, 4a
3rd place: Lilli Potyka, Friederika Schula, 3a
4th place (joint): Isabella Brock, Waldschule, 4b
Jeffrey Jones, Waldschule, 4b
Maria Henrietta Knopp, Brenscheder Schule, 4a
Hannah Oermann, Friederika Schule, 4a
Nishan Scherff, Waldschule, 4b
Julia Schneider, Brenscher Schule, 4a
Simon S., Brenscheder Schule, 4a