My Brain and I

We are pleased to be able to announce the winners of the IGSN Painting Competition - My Brain and I.
The competition was divided into two categories: class competition and individual competition.
Prizes will be awarded as part of the IGSN Graduation Day 2008, which will take place on 12th December.
The competition was a resounding success, thanks to all those who took part.
If you click on the links below you will be able to view the winning entries.

Class competition:
1st place: Kirchschule Höntrop, Klasse 3b
2nd place: GGS Westenfeld, Klasse 4d
3rd place: Waldschule, Klasse 3c
Individual competition:
1st place: Nenita Maria Behr
2nd place: Selina Korbie - Waldschule, Klasse 3c
3rd place: Jonas Michler - GGS Am Neggenborn, Klasse 3c
4th place (joint): Franziska Chaikowski - Grundschule Leithe, Klasse 4b
Julia Ahei - GGS Auf dem alten Kamp, Klasse 4a
Lena Poteralla - Grundschule Leithe, Klasse 4b
Leon (No last name supplied) - GGS Am Neggenborn, Klasse 3b
Linda Immig - GGS Sombornerstraße, Klasse 3
Moritz Kekalj - Vels-Heide-Schule, Klasse 4b
Nikita Halaim - GGS Hofstede