Extraschicht 2012

The Ruhr-University Bochum participated for the first time in the “ExtraSchicht” (night of industrial culture) on June 30th. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University Library the motto was: “A place of spirit” and who could represent the spirit better than the IGSN? In cooperation with the SFB 874, young researchers from the IGSN and neuroscience research at the RUB developed and hosted as “Brainiacs” a parcours around the brain.

Situated in the “Leselandschaft” of the university-library, guests could see and experience optical illusions, they could test their concentration or explore fantastic brain exhibits. For the young and the young at heart they could examine a “Lego” brain and check out its construction manual. Last but not least our junior researchers (11-15 years old) explained how we hear or see colour, by running tests on our visitors, and showed them how to model their brain using modeling dough.

It was such a tremendous success! With the opening of the door at 18:00 hundreds of people flooded the room and we soon stopped trying to count them. By 22:00 after four hours of explaining, talking and fun all participants were exhausted but happy!

We would like to thank the university library for hosting us and the ExtraSchicht crew for their commitment, the hard work and the fun we had in experiencing this great day!

Click here for some photos of the event.

The ExtraSchicht team in alphabetical order:

  • Verena Aliane
  • Tobias Eckhardt
  • Hardy Hagena
  • Niels Hannsen
  • Olivia Masseck
  • Steffen Pahl
  • Nora Prochnow
  • Christiane Reijak
  • Johanna Rubelowski
  • Andreas Schöbel
  • Fabian Schönfeld
  • Katharina Spoida
  • Christina Strauch
  • Hannah Twarkowski
  • Uta Wiemers
  • Valentina Wiescholleck

The junior team:

  • Aoibhne Braunewell
  • Naoise Braunewell
  • Christian Vorobev (all Hildegardis Gymnasium)
  • Karl Heiler
  • Anne Höppner
  • Annika Lemke (all Theodor-Körner-Gymasium)

the organization team:

  • Sabine Dannenberg
  • Ursula Heiler
  • Peter Hoffmann
  • Denise Manahan-Vaughan