Brain Week

Between 16th and 21st March 2009, students from the IGSN held an exhibition about the brain in "Drehscheibe", a shopping centre in the middle of Bochum. Over 150 people of all ages took the opportunity to talk to the students and to Profs Manahan-Vaughan, Eysel and Güntürkün, in an effort to find out more about the brain and its secrets. The visitors were given guided tours through the exhibition, and took part in a painting and craftsman course about the brain. Children and adults were also able to paint the different regions of the brain onto bathing caps. The IGSN would like to thank all students who participated and organized this wonderful event. We would especiallylike to thank Christina Heinisch and Silvia Aust, who had the idea for this exhibition. Thank you!

Students and children
Guided tour
Sebastian Donatti
Man with bathing cap