Student representation

We are the newly founded student representative of the equal opportunities team of the RUB Medical Faculty. For questions, suggestions and ideas with gender equality issues we are digitally and in presence (Building MB / Floor 6 / Room 03) there for you.

Our core area: LGBTQ+ and gender & gender-specific topics. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Equality affects us all. Be it 'sayings' of teachers and fellow students, unequal starting conditions for men and women in the university and professional context or the challenge of reconciling child and studies. We are contact persons for everyone and are in close contact with other university groups in order to realize our common ideas and needs in the best possible way.

You experience discrimination because of your gender or sexual orientation?

Are you interested in applied feminism at university?

You want to plan and implement your own projects on gender equality issues in a motivated team?

Then join us on the Equality Team - together we can influence the university we study at!

A feel-good atmosphere in our joint activities is important to us. Together we tackle projects, participate in demonstrations, and raise awareness.

You have questions or concerns? Write us at !