Help in case of sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any intentional sexual act, whether physical or verbal, that is done against the will of the person involved. A particular position of power, such as exists between leaders and participants in a group or between adults and children, offers an increased potential for danger. However, sexual harassment can also be perpetrated among group members. Unintentional boundary violations can also occur in group and course work. It can happen quickly to get "too close" to one's counterpart, for example, through a touch or a stupid saying - especially since boundaries are individual and different.

Who can you adress?

In case of sexual harassment, please do not hesitate to contact us, the decentral Equal Opportunity Office of the Faculty of Medicine. We are happy to be your first point of contact - of course confidentially and neutrally.

Other internal contact points

Central equal opportunity officer
Wanda Gerding and Nadine Müller

External contact points (in Bochum)

Department for Equality, family and inclusion
Regina Czajka

Wildwasser Bochum e.V.
Counseling center for victims of sexual violence and prevention

Women's counseling center NORA e.V.
Counseling for women and girls

Rosa Strippe e.V.
Psychosocial counselung for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-persons

Catholic marriage, family and life counseling

External contact points (supraregional)

Umbrella organization of autonomous women's counseling centers NRW e.V.

Community of autonomous women's shelters NRW (LAG)