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Priv.-Doz. Dr. C. Kruppa
(Surgical University Hospital and Polyclinic)

Priv.-Doz. Dr. C. Meyer-Frießem
(University Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine)

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Elena Enax-Krumova
(Neurological University Hospital and Polyclinic)



Mentoring-Program: MentÄ@UK RUB

The proportion of female residents - especially those who have completed a doctorate - has been relatively high for years and is expected to increase. However, enthusiasm for science is often pushed into the background in everyday clinical practice and the next career stage continues to be dominated by male colleagues, especially at university hospitals.

With a second season of the interdisciplinary mentoring program MentÄ@UKRUB, young female physicians from all university hospitals of the Ruhr-University Bochum are to be motivated to commit themselves to clinical research and teaching in addition to sound clinical training, and to concretely implement the knowledge gained in workshops and information evenings by setting up an interdisciplinary cooperation project.

This creates ideal conditions for the next career step of filling a university position as a senior physician. This support program, which is supported by the Lore Agnes Program and the Medical Faculty, represents a further offer for equal opportunities in the faculty.

The RUB mentoring program "MentÄ - Erfolgreich in Klinik und Wissenschaft" consists of four modules and is constantly monitored by the organizers.

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The aim is to build up a network by means of peer mentoring and to jointly strengthen the motivation for clinical research in addition to the daily clinical routine. The networking between the peers should at the same time facilitate the exchange, the development of a scientific network and the motivation to focus on the career with its different aspects at an early stage.

Accompanying workshops and theme evenings are offered to teach or strengthen competencies for the future in clinical research and to provide input on opportunities and important milestones for a clinical career. Topics include project management, time management, positioning and leadership in the clinic, communication and conflict management, third-party funding acquisition, and more. In addition, career examples of female leaders in the field of clinical medicine will be shared in person.

Together, the six female physicians in training will initiate the development of an interdisciplinary research project based on a concrete example. The participants develop their own project together, which they can integrate into their daily clinical routine and implement with new cooperation through joint increased motivation. The interdisciplinary project is accompanied by the three coordinators.

Another important component is the individual counseling of each participant. The organizers bring an interdisciplinary know-how from surgical and conservative specialties and can share their experiences on the balancing act between clinic, research, teaching and private life.