Assitent for scientists

We, the Equal Opportunity Team of the Faculty of Medicine of the Ruhr-University Bochum, would like to support the compatibility of work and family. Especially due to the current situation of the Corona pandemic and the resulting increased balancing act between work and care tasks, it is our concern to relieve scientific employees.

For this reason, we provide funds to hire or increase the hours of a student assistant, e.g. for half a year with a work volume of 5 hours per week. The ultimate design of the funding is to be flexible to your situation.

All persons are eligible to apply who

1.) are currently working on their doctorate or have already obtained their doctorate.

2.) are scientifically active at the Medical Faculty of the RUB including the university clinics (including physicians at the clinics).

3.) are restricted in their scientific work due to their family situation (childcare, maternity leave / employment ban, parental leave, care of relatives) and could be supported in the continuation of this by a student assistant.

If you are interested in our support services, please send us a short application to

The application should include the following:

1.) Why do you need support by a SHK?

2) In the context of which research project / which scientific activity will the SHK be used? (short introduction)

3) In which amount of hours and for which period of time can the SHK help you?

4) Please attach a short CV (summary) to the application.

Application for funding is possible without a deadline and at any time.

As soon as the available annual budget is exhausted, this will be announced on our website and this funding call will be temporarily suspended.

If you have any further questions, please contact us, the decentral equal opportunities team of the RUB Medical Faculty..

We look forward to receiving your applications and hope to be able to support you in a timely manner!