What are our tasks?

The decentral equal opportunity officer is responsible for the interests of women who are members of the faculty or institution. She works towards the inclusion of equality-relevant aspects in the fulfillment of the tasks of the faculty or institution.

(see. Election Regulations for the Election of the Equal Opportunity Officers of the Ruhr-University Bochum; II. Section §6 (1))

Our tasks include:


of employees and students of the Faculty of Medicine in all questions relevant to equal opportunities.


in case of discrimination or sexual harassment within the medical faculty


Participation in meetings
of the Faculty Council, the appointment committees and other committees of the Faculty of Medicine with Right to propose motions and speak


on appointment proposals (in coordination with the central equal opportunity officer)


Support and promotion
with regard to scientific career planning (mentoring program + student assistent for scientists)

If you have a concern, feel free to contact us!