Summer School – New Perspectives in Hyperplane Arrangements

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

10 - 14 September 2018

Organizing Committee: Tilman Möller, Anne Schauenburg
Scientific Advisers: Paul Mücksch, Gerhard Röhrle

This Summer School is directed towards Ph. D. students and Postdocs interested in the theory of hyperplane arrangements. There will be minicourses on several topics from Monday to Thursday followed by a day of conference-style talks on Friday.

Simplicial arrangements

Introduction to the combinatorics of Abelian arrangements

Arrangements and toric Varieties

Topology and Combinatorics of Arrangements

Artin groups and hyperplane arrangements

Introduction to Catalan arrangements

The b_2-equality and free arrangements

Restrictions of Arrangements and Asphericity

A vanishing result for the first twisted cohomology of affine varieties and applications to line arrangements

Wonderful arrangement compactifications

What are logarithmic vector fields on complex reflection arrangements?

Abstracts and references for preparation:

Summer School Abstracts Minicourses   (164.0 kB)

Summer School Abstracts Conference   (95.7 kB)

Preliminary schedule:

Preliminary Schedule   (49.3 kB)


The Summer School will take place at RUB in ID 03/445 and ID 03/419. Be aware that at RUB floor 03 is different from floor 3.
Registration on Monday morning will be in ID 03/419.


Registration was open until 8 August. For any information please send an e-mail to anne.schauenburg"at"


On Wednesday the Summer School will feature an excursion to the Zeche Zollverein at €25 per person (including transport). If you want to attend, payment will be collected during registration on Monday morning.

Conference Dinner:

After the excursion there will be a social dinner at Pizzeria Amalfi in Bochum. The costs for the dinner are €25. Payment will be collected during registration on Monday morning.


In case you book a room at the Ibis Bochum Zentrum by phone (+49 234 33311) or by email (, you can quote "Hyperplane" to take advantage of special conditions.


Getting here by air

The nearest international airports to Bochum are Düsseldorf (DUS) and Dortmund (DTM). Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN) is further away, but is on a direct railway line to Bochum. Be warned that Düsseldorf Weeze (NRN) is not easy to reach from Bochum.

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Getting here by rail

Bochum is very well-connected by rail. Frequent trains run from the main station (Bochum Hbf) to many other major cities. The main station is located in the city centre, and is immediately next to the Ibis Hotel Zentrum. The underground service (U-Bahn) U35 will take you directly from Bochum Hbf to the university campus.

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Local Information

Please be aware that most shops are closed on Sundays in Germany, and the Ibis Hotel Zentrum does not have a restaurant for dinner. However, a number of small cafes, fast-food outlets and bakeries do remain open, especially those located in train stations.
Most shops do not accept credit cards, so make sure you have Euros on you if you do not own a Eurozone bank card (EC card).

Travel to university

The easiest way to get to university is to take the underground route U35. You require a Zone A ticket for journeys within Bochum, which costs €2.80 for one trip or €10.20 for four. There is also the option to get a 24 hour ticket which can be shared in groups of up to five people.
The shortest way to get to the ID building is to get off the U35 at 'Lennershof', but you can also get there from the station 'Ruhr-Universität' (see map below).

Food and drink

See map below.


The summer school is supported by the Ruhr University Research School PLUS, funded by Germany’s Excellence Initiative [DFG GSC 98/3].

The summer school is held in conjunction with the Floer Centre of Geometry at RUB.

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