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Environmental Engineering+Ecology

Environmental Engineering+Ecology is making contributions to avoid environmental impacts caused by human activities in the fields of environment, groundwater, surface water and ecology. eE+E is raising awareness for environmental risks and points out connections and contradictions between constructions and the environment. Our research focus includes:

  • Human affected ecosystems, forecast of environmental effects
  • Mathematical models (substance flow models, groundwater models, surface water models, etc.)
  • Satellite image analysis
  • Environmental planning based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Groundwater and ecology: hydrology of wetlands
  • Environmental monitoring (groundwater, surface water, ecology, etc.)
  • Groundwater management in urban and rural areas
  • Environmental planning: integrated land use and water resources management
  • Environmental impacts and risks of constructions (buildings, harbours, shore protection)
  • Life cycle assessments of buildings, products, etc.