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Disabled parking space

Depending on the degree of disability, staff and students are entitled to using an allotted disabled parking spot in the vicinity of their workplace or a building that they often frequent.
In order to navigate those parking spots more easily, you will find their geographic coordinates here and can enter them in your satnav system:

GA (G-Südstr.): 51.442567, 7.260700
GA/GB (G-Nordstr.): 51.443279, 7.258871
GC (G-Nordstr.): 51.442732, 7.257260
MA/TUZ (M-Südstr.): 51.444399, 7.258930
NA/HZO (N-Nordstr.): 51.444285, 7.262449
NB/NC (N-Nordstr.): 51.445061, 7.264734
IA/FNO/HZO (I-Südstr.): 51.445382, 7.262299
ID (I-Nordstr.): 51.447722, 7.265764
ID (I-Südstr.): 51.446706, 7.266580

Most disabled parking spots are part of gated-off parking spaces. To gain access, please ring the bell at the gate.

Guidance and further information: