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Bike sheds

The RUB provides bike sheds for rent all across the campus. The bike sheds are lockable mini garages designed to protect the bikes from damage, theft and weather.

How to rent a bike shed

The rental fee amounts to 3 euros per month. The fee is payable in advance for the entire period of use. You will also need a RUB transponder key that opens and unlocks doors at the push of a button. The transponder is available at a one-off price of 8 euros.

Application for the allocation and use of a bike shed

Students may hand in their form, together with a copy of their certificate of study, at the Infopoint in the university administration building, whilst university employees send it to "Kanne/Gemmeke" (Dezernat 5.II) using the main post service.
You will receive a notification regarding the pick-up resp. key activation two weeks after sending in the application.

bike shed

Bike sheds


Bike shed Bikes Bike shed Bikes
1: Info Mitte 36 5: N-Nordstr./HNB 18
2: G-Nordstr./GB 24 6: N-Nordstr./HNC 24
3: G-Nordstr./GAFO 16 7: N-Südstr./NC 24
4: G-Südstr./GB 22 8: Sportgebäude 22
9: I-Südstr./IC 24