Bachelor's & Master's Theses in Physical Chemistry II

We offer a wide variety of topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses. Please contact Dr. Gerhard Schwaab for more details.

Spectroscopy at 0.37 K in superfluid helium nanodroplets

  • Superfluidity (Nobel Prize in Physics 2003)

  • Mass spectrometry, vacuum technology

  • Microsolvation

  • Solvent controlled aggregation

  • Solvent controlled reactions in ultracold conditions

  • Questions about the topic? Stefan Henkel (NC 7/68), Gerhard Schwaab (NC 7/71)

    Terahertz (THz) absorption spectroscopy

  • Water network vibrations, solvation dynamics

  • Water and aqueous solutions under confinement conditions
  • THz calorimetry

  • High pressure THz spectroscopy

  • THz spectroscopy of ions at interfaces

  • Questions about the topic? Gerhard Schwaab (NC 7/71)

    Time-resolved THz spectroscopy

  • THz time domain systems for time-resolved measurements (protein folding, enzyme activity, solvation, water dynamics)

  • Kinetic THz absorption (KITA) of protein dynamics (stopped-flow and T-jump methods)

  • Time-resolved THz calorimetry

  • Nonlinear THz spectroscopy

  • Transient solvation dynamics

  • Femtochemistry (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1999)

  • Measurement technology development

  • Questions about the topic? Ellen Adams (ZEMOS 1.31), Claudius Hoberg (ZEMOS 1.27), Fabio Novelli (ZEMOS 1.31)