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PhD Student jobs

We assign continuously PhD-Student jobs.

For the range of our projects refere to 'Research-Projects'

For example:
Imaging an electrolyte by scanning tunneling microscopy.

A molecular scale description of the processes happening at a (metal or semiconductor)/electrolyte interface demands a structural investigation of the arrangement of ions and water at the interface at different applied fields. However, most surface science tools, which could provide this information, demand an ultra-clean environment, which is not compatible with conditions of classical electrochemistry. To avoid this difficulty, deposition of water molecules and ions onto model electrodes fabricated in ultra-high vacuum have been investigated. There is, however, no possibility to prove, whether or not these model systems are identical to the ones existing in the electrochemical cell at a specific electrode potential. Within the RESOLV project " Transferable system from the electrolyte to UHV" we have developed an apparatus that allows freezing in the situation existing at the electrode surface under close observation by a Kelvin probe and IR reflectance spectroscopy, and then transferring this sample to a low-temperature STM. This transfer chamber will now allow to prepare electrolyte surfaces and measure their structure with high-resolution by scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy.