Dynamics of nanostructures

Diffusion and ripening of nanoclusters consisting of ten to some hundreds atoms was investigated on surfaces of different symmetry (Ag(111) and Ag(110). This study allowed to determine the underlying atomistic processes and their energy barriers.

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Local Variation of surface properties

Spatially resolved measurement of the electronic structure and the vibrational properties of structured surfaces demonstrated substantial changes of these properties in dependence of local environment. For instance, the intersection of a bulk dislocation with the surface changes the electronic structure of the surface state on Ag(111).

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Electron and light induced manipulation of single molecules

The electrons of the tip of a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope are used to alter individual molecules. Apart from more simple surface processes as diffusion, rotation, and dissociation of molecule, we have concentrated on more complex processes as hydrogen bond rearrangement and isomerization reactions. The principle feasibility of the processes was demonstrated. Moreover, the energetic reaction thresholds were determined.

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Ice structures and dynamics on surfaces

Though the ice molecule is rather simple and has been investigated since antiquity, some fundamental questions remain open. Some of these questions were answered recently in combination with theory. We have clarified the structure of hydrated water hexamers as well as amorphous and crystalline structures on metal surface.

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