Publishing Fund

Since 2014, a fund for the promotion of publications in open access journals has been available at the RUB. It is supported by the DFG (Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft - German Research Foundation) as part of its Open-Access Publishing Programme. 

With the support of the DFG, subsidies for open access publications are again available for the publication year 2020. Members of the RUB may apply for funding, if they meet the necessary criteria.  Applications are handled by the university library. Please submit applications for funding only via the webform.

Application Form

Cost Distribution

  • The budget for the publication year 2020 amounts to a total of 187.155 € (40% DFG, 20 % RUB central funding, 20% UB, 20% author’s share). The applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Every author has to cover 20 % of the invoiced amount.
  • A maximum of 5 % of the fund may be spent per author per year. In individual cases, the university library may decide to exceed this limit, presuming there are enough funds.

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Preconditions for funding (according to the guidelines of the DFG)

  • The articles to be published appear in journals that make all articles available over the internet to users free of charge as soon as they appear (pure, gold open access journals, cf. Directory of Open Access Journals) and that they apply recognised and strict quality assurance procedures.
  • Publication fees of up to €2,000 (including value-added tax) per article may be financed through the fund. It cannot be used to co-finance publication fees exceeding the aforementioned amount.
  • Only articles where a member of the RUB is responsible as the "submitting author" or the "corresponding author" for payment of the publication fees can be funded. Article title and the corresponding author must be listed on the invoice.
  • Funding cannot be provided for open access publications in subscription-based journals based on the “Open Choice” model.
  • Publication fees, which may be covered by third-party funds, will not be financed.
  • Possible submission fees charged by journals will not be covered by the fund.
  • Costs may only be refunded on presentation of an invoice, documenting the funding period as being in the same year as the completion period. Without a specific completion date, the date of the invoice applies.
  • The authors will have to cover 20 % of the invoice amount in Euros and state their invoice address or funds centre.
  • Applications have to be submitted via the webform.
  • All funded articles will be archived on the RUB repository.

Required information on publishers’ invoices

If approved, the invoice should be addressed as follows:

  • Universitätsbibliothek Bochum
    Zeitschriftenteam, UB 5/8
    D 44780 Bochum

Please note, that invoices from other European countries have to state the VAT-Nr. of the Ruhr Universität Bochum (DE 127056261) and the UID of the publisher.

Advice for publishing with BioMed Central (BMC)

terminated as of 31.7.2020, now via Springer DEAL contract

RUB is a member of BioMed Central and thus gets a 20% discount on publication fees. Please apply for funding before submitting your article. If your application is accepted, we will send you a code, which is needed during the submission process with BioMed Central. The cost will be met directly via the RUB membership account and the author’s share of 20 % is also incurred at BMJ.

If a publication with BioMed Central cannot be funded by us, the 20 % membership discount may still be used by members of RUB. The university library will handle the payment to BioMed Central in advance and the authors are committed to refund any fees payed to the UB.

Further memberships and agreements

RUB is also a member of MDPI (10 % discount) and central funding agreements concerning article processing charges have been reached with PLOS and Frontiers. Please state your RUB affiliation during the submission process and apply for funding in advance.

In addition, the following agreements have been reached in contexts of subscription contracts:

  • BMJ: 20 % discount on article processing charges (APCs) for publications in fully open access journals, e.g. BMJ Open.
  • Cambridge University Press (CUP): Open access articles published in subscription journals of the Cambridge HSS package are free of charge for the RUB up to a specified number.
  • De Gruyter: 20 % discount on APCs for publications in fully open access journals.
  • Hogrefe: 25%discount on APCs for open access publications in the publisher's supscription journals as part of the "Hogrefe OpenMind" offer.
  • IOP: As part of the national consortium IOP Journals 2019-2021, the RUB can publish 8 articles per year in open access free of charge. The agreement applies only to subscription journals.
  • Karger: 50% discount on APCs for articles in fully open access journals (submission and acceptance of the article must be made from 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020). 25% discount on APCs for open access published articles in subscription journals (submission and acceptance 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020).
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS): PNAS offers a discount of 24 % on immediate open access publications for licensed institutions (otherwise all PNAS articles will be made openly available via PubMed Central after an embargo period of six months).


Funding Application

Please complete the following application form, if you are a member of the RUB, corresponding author of an article and do not have access to third-party funds to cover publication fees. The following information is required for your application:

  • The ISSN of the journal including hyphen (XXXX-YYYY), ascertainable via DOAJDirectory of Open Access Journals
  • Your RUB organisational affiliation
  • The estimated publication fee in Euros


in DOAJ finden.


For any questions please contact to OA-Team (+49 234/32-22053).