The University Library Bochum offers several central services for the publication of scientific work under open access conditions. In addition to dissertations and habilitations, works catered for also include monographs, journals, essays, proceedings, research papers, reports, teaching materials, etc.
The works are archived permanently, indexed and, if necessary, their bibliographical data is included in the library’s online catalogue. Publications are usually submitted, stored and made available in PDF format.

Open Journal Systems RUB
Researchers from Ruhr University Bochum can now publish e-journals using the open source software Open Journal Systems (OJS) under the precondition that the publications are made available freely (open access) immediately or following a blocking period.
Bochum University Library holds administration of the software and offers support and advice with the implementation freshly founded journals. We also ascertain sustainability, availability and maximum visibility of the published contents through measures such as DOI assignment. 

Contact: oa(at)

Open Monograph Press RUB
Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source platform for independent scientific publications, i.e. it offers a framework for publications that are launched independently of a publishing house. With OMP RUB, the University Library supports members of RUB in their open access publication of monographs, anthologies and other digital scientific publications.

Contact: oa(at)

RUB Repository
The University Library publishes dissertations in the RUB repository as electronic full text, thus enabling immediate availability. Additional storing of digital publications at the German National Library guarantees persistent addressing (URN) as well as permanent archiving and readability.
Through the RUB repository, members of RUB can make their scientific texts freely accessible, free of charge with little effort. Many publishers permit re-publication/self-archiving of an already published article on the university's documents server. However, the legal obligations imposed by the copyright laws and the rights of use laws have to be met.

Contact: silvia.vanbeek(at)

RUB DOI Service

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) ensure permanent citeability of electronic publications and research data. This citeability and interlinking between research data and the publications resulting from / recurring to this same data positively impact scientific reputation. The University Library Bochum is the partner to turn to for registration of research data and other non-textual materials, grey literature and articles published in open access journals hosted at RUB or edited by members of Ruhr-University Bochum. The University Library offers these services in cooperation with the Technical Information Library Hannover (TIB), which acts as a DOI registration agency and provides the technical infrastructure for DOI implementation.

Contact: kathrin.lucht-roussel(at)



Kathrin Lucht-Roussel  Phone: 0234-32-22053