Publisher Memberships and Agreements

The University Library has negotiated memberships for the RUB, as well as publishing agreements that contain Open Access clauses.

Please always indicate your affiliation with the RUB directly in the submission process and, if possible, submit your funding application to the library prior to submission with the publisher so that we can safely verify the RUB affiliation in cooperation with the publisher.

The following agreements and memberships are currently in place:

Open Access publications in proceedings and journals of the ACM are, with a few exceptions, free of charge for RUB members.

Membership ended on 31.7.2020 - the publishing agreement was transferred to Springer Deal as of 1.8.2020.

OA publication costs in subscription journals of the Standard Collection (28 titles excluding BMJ) are covered. RUB members receive a 15% discount on article fees in pure Open Access journals, as invoicing is done centrally.

Information for authors

OA publication costs in subscription and gold OA journals are free of charge for RUB authors. The costs for this transformation contract 2022-2024 are raised cooperatively at the RUB.

Agreement includes a 20% discount on the article fee until the end of 2022; current limit of 2 items per year.

OA publication costs in the 3 journals "Development", "Journal of Cell Science", "Journal of Experimental Biology" are covered by the RUB contract.

Informations for authors

Agreement on central invoicing. Upper limit of maximum € 2000 gross. The University Library has made advance payments. Corresponding Authors of the RUB reimburse the University Library for the article costs.

The new agreement from 2022 includes only 10% discount on article fees and centralized billing.

New from 2022: In 104 hybrid journals in the humanities and social sciences, OA publishing is initially possible for RUB authors in the pilot year 2022 at no additional cost. The articles must be approved by the UB in the de Gruyter dashboard. The transformation contract also allows for a 20% discount on article fees in pure open access journals.

The contract from 2021 onwards allows RUB members immediate open access publication in all transformative PsyJournals journals at no additional cost. New: 2022-2023 there is a 25% discount on APCs in 3 Gold OA journals: European Journal of Psychology Open; Psychological Test Adaptation and Development; Sports Psychiatry - Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychiatry (new foundation from Jan. 2022).

New from 2022: As part of the national consortium IOP Journals, RUB members can publish open access in 56 hybrid and 18 gold OA journals without limits. The contract is cooperatively funded; there are no additional costs for authors. AAS and ECS Publications are excluded.

Agreement on central invoicing. General 10% discount for RUB members.

There are no article fees for open access articles in Nature subscription journals - these are covered by the new Publish & Read contract 2021/2024, cooperatively funded by the University Library and several faculties.

Per the membership agreement, all article fees are covered by the membership fee.

OLH Supporters

Agreement on central invoicing

RUB members receive a discount for opting for immediate publication as open access. All articles in PNAS are freely accessible via PubMed Central after 6 months.

The consortium agreement allows RUB members a 15% discount when selecting RUB as affiliation in the billing process. For further information check: Author's Workflow. Please note: Basic licence is CC-BY-NC; CC-BY at extra cost.

For Springer, the agreements of the DEAL contract apply. Details can be found here.

For Wiley, the agreements of the DEAL contract apply. Details can be found here.

Publisher agreements and memberships - Overview (German) (PDF)

Contact: OA-Team