Open Access-Monographs

At present, there is no fund for the publication of open access monographs at the RUB. However, the university library is already committed to the open access transformation in the book sector in various ways. Research funders also mention the open access publication of books in their guidelines and offer financial support where applicable.

Publishing with the RUB

The University Library offers the possibility to publish books Open Access via the RUB repository and the publication platform Open Monograph Press (OMP). You can learn more about this here.

Publishing with a press

The University Library also offers assistance with regard to publishing contracts for OA books (no legal advice).

If you are publishing OA as part of a third-party funded project, you may be eligible for financial support from funding providers. You can find out more about the Open Access requirements of funding providers here.

BPC discount for RUB authors: Until the end of 2023, RUB authors receive a 15% discount on the Book Processing Charges for the first publication of Open Access books from the subject areas "Classical Studies" and "Middle East and Islamic Studies" with the publisher Brill. For further information please contact us via mail.

Many publishers also offer a cheaper but delayed secondary publication of the book published by them.

Open Access-Transformation projects

The University Library takes part in various projects to provide joint financial support for open access book publications. Selected new publications from various publishers are financed collectively by several libraries as part of a consortium. The authors involved do not incur any additional costs for the open access publication of their book.

Within the framework of the initiative, the titles per package are selected by the participating libraries.

You can find more information here.

  • Open Access-Transformationspaket Germanistische Linguistik 2022-2024
  • Open Access-Transformationspaket Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft 2022-2024
  • Open Access-Transformationspaket Geschichte 2022-2024

The Open Libraries of transcript are quality-controlled open access collections.

The Medienwissenschaft collection contains selected new publications from the fields of media, film and communication studies. The Politikwissenschaft collection contains all new publications from the Political Science programme area.

The University Library has been supporting Knowledge Unlatched for many years. The collection of the open access service provider offers a selection of new publications and backlist titles in the humanities and social sciences from various publishers.

In addition to the transformation of several journals in the KOALA Sozialwissenschaften package, the project enables the open access publication of the series "Bewegtbilder" and "Yearbook of Moving Image Studies". You can learn more about the project here.

  • KOALA Medienwissenschaften 2023-2025
  • KOALA Sozialwissenschaften 2023-2025

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