Publishing with the RUB

The University Library Bochum offers several central services for the publication of academic works under open access conditions. In addition to dissertations and postdoctoral theses, works catered for also include monographs, journals, essays, proceedings, research papers, reports, teaching materials, etc.

The works are archived permanently, indexed and, if necessary, their bibliographical data is included in the library’s online catalogue. Publications are usually submitted, stored and made available in PDF format.

Open Journal Systems RUB

Researchers from Ruhr University Bochum have the opportunity to publish open access journals using the open source software Open Journal Systems (OJS). The library administers the software, provides support in setting up the journals, ensures the sustainability of the published content and provides the greatest possible visibility, e.g. by assigning DOI.

Open Monograph Press RUB

Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source platform through which scientific publications can be published independently of a third-party publisher. With OMP RUB, the University Library aims to support RUB members in the open access publication of monographs, anthologies and other scientific publications in electronic form.

RUB Repository

The University Library publishes dissertations in the RUB repository as electronic full text, thus enabling immediate availability. Additional storing of digital publications at the German National Library guarantees persistent addressing (URN) as well as permanent archiving and readability.

In the RUB repository, members of RUB can make their scientific texts freely accessible, free of charge with little effort. Many publishers permit secondary publication of an already published article on the university's documents server. However, the legal obligations imposed by the copyright laws and the rights of use laws have to be met.

DOI-Service of the RUB

UB Bochum registers Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for content of the above services as well as for independent projects. DOI can be registered for

  • grey literature
  • research data and other non-textual materials
  • articles in open access journals of the Ruhr University Bochum

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