What does Open Access cost?

Publication costs are usually incurred for open access publications - so-called Article Processing Charges (APC) for journal articles, which can vary greatly depending on the journal and publisher.

The University Library offers RUB members various options for financial support for publication in open access journals. Please inform yourself exactly which options are available to you before contacting us.

Which financing model is right for me?

Publication Fund

Since 2014, a fund has been available at RUB to support publications in pure open access journals (Gold OA).

The eligibility criteria as well as the form for applying for funding via the fund can be found here. Please apply for funding as early as possible in the publication process.

Contractual agreements and memberships

The University Library has concluded various agreements with publishers that allow RUB members to pay a reduced fee in advance, grant a discount or even reimburse the publication fees completely. The type of funding and any criteria depend on the respective publishing agreement. A list of the corresponding publishers with details on the procedure can be found here.

Project DEAL

Due to the contractual arrangements in the DEAL project, RUB members currently do not have to pay publication fees for open access publications in subscription (hybrid) journals from the publishers Springer and Wiley. You can find out more about the project here.

Contact: OA-Team