Credits for non-RUB modules

The Chair of Macroeconomics offers you several possibilites to convert modules you have achieved while studying abroad or at another German university into credits at the RUB.

On each page you will find all the important information and what you have to pay attention to in order to get the credits.

Furthermore the required forms for the procedure will be provided.

Important Information


  • Refrain from asking for credits for obviously unsuitable modules.
  • For a transfer of credit for courses in the area of macroeconomics, please contact Prof. Roos at the Chair of Macroeconomics. Alternatively, if you require a transfer of credit for courses related to international economics (international trade, international finance or international macroeconomics) please contact Prof. Busse at the Chair of International Economics.
  • Converting credits from undergraduate / BA / B.Sc courses into MSc courses is usually not possible. Exceptions are only possible if it can be shown that a broad congruence of content is existing.
  • If the course attended abroad does not have enough credits or does not cover substantial content it is possible to arrange some type of additional performance eg. an oral examination.