General Questions

I asked a question via E-Mail, whose response can be found on the homepage or in the documents of the chair. I have received no reply. Why?

The homepage of the Chair of Macroeconomics tries to supply important information in the FAQs and in the module descriptions. Unfortunately it is not possible to answer the same question several times due to our high workload.
If you cannot find specific information or if we are missing important details we are more than happy to be informed about it. Please do let us know if you find any errors or possible improvements!

I have missed a deadline (registration for examination, seminar, delivering a seminar paper ...). Can you make an exception?

No. Set deadlines apply.


Can I pass exams without having attended lectures or exercises?

In general this is possible. For the grading of the exam only the work performed in this same exam counts. Conversely, it is also possible to fail exams, even if you have visited each lecture and tutorial. The active participation in classes helps, however, to understand the curriculum and to pass the exam.

When will the exam scores be announced?

We have obligated ourselves to forward the exam scores within four weeks after the exam to the Examination Office. We try to correct exams as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Can I perform a separate test? Is it possible to change or postpone the date of the exam?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide separate exams for individual students because of the high workload.

Can my exam be corrected earlier?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to correct individual exams earlier. The grades of a test can only be delivered in collectivity at the examination office.

When are the post-exam reviews?

The dates for the post-exam reviews will be announced in time for each exam. There are general dates for which you should book in advance. Individual appointments cannot be granted.

Can my score be changed later?

Grades are not negotiable! The exam insights have primarily been established to draw attention to your mistakes and constructively contribute to a further course of study. We will not prefer students with high negotiation skills. If you notice an error in the correction, we will certainly emend it.

I failed the exam; is there the possibility to improve my exam score by taking an oral exam, an additional exam or writing a seminar paper?

Usually not. The only exception is if you have passed ALL tests and during a semester can complete your study, there is the possibility of an oral examination. You must demonstrate before the exam that you have passed all the other tests.

Seminars (Please also consider our Guide)

Can I sign up for a seminar after the deadline?

No. We try to inform early about the seminars and we have long terms of application to give you the opportunity to plan your course of study in the long term. A "straggler" rule would be unfair towards those who met the deadline.

Is it possible to take an oral or written exam instead of writing a seminar paper if for various reasons I cannot participate in the seminar?

No. Seminars serve as an exercise for you to write an academic paper independently and to establish a personal contribution (usually in the form of a term paper and through discussion with other students and teachers). This cannot be ensured through an oral or a written exam.

Can I still unsubscribe from a seminar after having signed the declaration of commitment in case I notice that I will not be able to attend the seminar?

With the declaration of commitment you have accepted a binding commitment and you will be registered for this exam at the Examinations Office. You may only unsubscribe in specific cases and only by showing us a verifying document (e.g. a medical certificate).

I have discovered a term paper of another student (a book, a school essay, etc.) that also deals with my topic. Can I (partly) copy this and still leave it under my name?

No, this is no self contribution and therefore the examination will be failed. Plagiarism in any form is fraud and will have both academic (e.g. exclusion from studies) and penologic consequences.

I cannot submit my seminar paper in time. What happens now?

You have not managed to provide the necessary performance which counts as a failed examination.

Consultation Hours

I would like to talk to employees of the chair. When is this possible?

The opening hours of the employees of the chair are listed on the website under the "Team" section or in the Blackboard course. We ask you to adhere to these times.

I have entered into an office of the chair without knocking. I was then coarsely asked to leave the office. What did I do wrong?

General manner demands that you knock before entering. The words "Good morning/afternoon/evening" (and at some chairs less formal greetings) as well as "Please", "Thank you" and "Goodbye" are also very appreciated.

I did not understand a larger lecture content. Can I use the consultation-hours to have a member of the chair explain the content to me?

Office hours are not private lessons. You can ask questions in the lecture or the tutorials. In many cases you are not the only one who did not understand the content, but other students are affected as well. By asking your question the response given can also help other students. Active participation of the students is something we really want to encourage.