General information on studying abroad

The Chair of Macroeconomics advocates students that are internationally mobile and want to gain experience at foreign universities. Therefore, we are generally willing to transfer credits achieved at a foreign university to credits at the RUB.

In the past problems have occured because students applied for such a credit-transfer only after their time abroad. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to get the consent of the chair before your stay abroad. This is consistent with the practice of the whole faculty. It is not possible to transfer your credits if you did not receive a written consent before your semester abroad. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that you contact the chair beforehand. Please send your inquiries directly to Benjamin Bonakdar.


For students in the BSc/MSc the recognition of credits from foreign universities is very easy. You simply have to get them accreditted to the designated placeholder-modules that can be found in the module handbook. These modules are called Applied Economics I, II & III for BSc students and Advanced Applied Economics I, II & III for MSc students. For these modules, no examination is required. It is only verified whether the level complies with the level of our modules.


If you are planning to study abroad and you want to get credits acquired at the foreign university accreddited at the RUB, please proceed as follows:

1. Identify courses at the host university and the chair of macroeconomics, which might be similar in content and therefore could be eligible for acknowledgment.

2. Get hold of course descriptions of the courses abroad and compare them with the course description of the chair of macroeconomics of the RUB. You have good chances for accreditation when the literature is the same and at least 50% of the subjects that are dealt with coincide.

3. Please download the acknowledgment form and fill it out before you hand it in with the other necessary documents.

4. Important for ERASMUS-Students: Please organize additionally the document of the International Office, which states the courses you are about to take abroad. This one is supposed to be filled out beforehand, as well as the acknowledgement form.

You can find the acknowledgement form here

5. Send the acknowledgment form with the course descriptions to benjamin.bonakdar(at)rub(.)de or bring your documents on paper to the secretary of the department.

6. The chair will check the application immediatly and notify you of the result by email. If your accreditation is granted, you can pick up the acknowledgment form signed by Prof. Roos at the chair. Keep the acknowledgment form until your return from abroad.

7. After your return please obtain the form for the recognition of foreign credits at the faculty's examination office and fill it out.

8. Attend the consultation hour and bring along this form, an official proof of performance from the host university (e.g. transcript) and the signed acknowledgment form.

Important Information