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The eE+E contributes to the sustainable development of water- and land use in the Mekong Delta within the ViWaT-Mekong-Planning research project.

The Mekong Delta is, economically, very important for Vietnam. The biodiversity as well as the economic performance of the delta are, however, threatened by many different factors. These include: monocultures such as rice, shrimp and fish farming; the direct discharge of untreated wastewater into surface water; groundwater overexploitation associated with land subsidence; saltwater intrusion and its associated external influences, such as upstream water withdrawals and sea level rise.

ViWaT-Mekong-Planning contributes to improving the situation. With geo-information systems, the eE+E develop tools to assess water- and land use activities. In this way, problems can be localised and indications for improving sustainability can be derived.

In the project, which has, since 2018, been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the eE+E are working in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Science (MOST), the water authority NAWAPI and other local partners, on site. The project runs until 2022.

5-minute short film on water and land use in the Mekong Delta   (127.7 MB)