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Registration via CampusOffice

During the application terms, the registration for all Archaeological Studies courses must be submitted through the CampusOffice-System. The terms can be viewed in the latest news section on the homepage of the Institute of Archaeological Studies.
Tutorials for registration can be found here: Course of Study, Study Regulations and Examination Requirements

CampusOffice-site of the RUB

Late Registration for Courses

Late registrations are possible upon consultation with the respective lecturers of such courses. In such cases you are required to send an email with your desired courses, your students number (without spaces) and your degree course (BA or dual BA, or masters) to:

CampusOffice – Course Combination for BA-Exam Registration

Students who want to register for their BA-exam in Archaeological Studies are required to combine their courses in the CampusOffice-System before scheduling an appointment with Prof. Dr. Ebel-Zepezauer. The calculation of one’s own grades is only necessary for subsequently registered courses with free text entry. To confirm courses please send an email with your student number to:

Student Advising

In case of ambiguities or problems please contact the student advisor of archaeological studies only. In addition, the Campusoffice-System offers introductory courses once a semester. For dates of the introductory courses please refer to the online announcements of the Institute of Archaeological Studies. Click here for further information on our student advising.

Tutorials for the registration in CampusOffice can be found here.