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The Institute of Archaeological Studies in the House of Archaeology

The building of the institute is located in the inner-city of Bochum and provides a wide range of facilities which promote interdisciplinary research and teachings since 2010. The building offers a lecture room that can seat up to 200 people and is fitted with the latest technology which is regularly used for lectures, guest lectures, congresses and conferences.

The complex also offers two modernly equipped seminar rooms which provide ideal conditions for presentations and discussions for seminars and lectures. They also include original prehistorical finds and plaster casts of classical archaeological objects in the study collection.

Furthermore the institute houses an extensive library which also includes a workroom for Ph. D. candidates. The Ph. D. candidates of the Leibniz-Graduate School RITaK maintain their own facilities and workrooms. In addition there is a project room with workspaces and an archive for research. A room situated on the first floor is available for the student council.

More archives and storage facilities as well as spacious workrooms for projects and material works can be found in the basement. They include a room with a washing bay for finds and sufficient area and equipment to process finds for research projects and final papers.

In the centre of the main building is the well-lit atrium with a reconstruction of the sculpture of the Scylla group of Sperlonga (by Andreae). The atrium is well suited for receptions and events and regularly houses congresses and colloquia as well as annual festivities in honour of Johann Joachim Winckelmann and Oscar Montelius in combination with the institutes’s Summer and Christmas gatherings. The employee's and administrative offices, the cloakroom (including lockers) and the lounge with a kitchen are located in a wing of the building.

The German Mining Museum (Deutsches Bergbau-Musum Bochum), which has close ties to the institute in terms of research and teaching, can be found in close proximity to the building.
On the campus of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum the institute is represented by regular lectures, a liaison office (GA 2/62) and by the exhibition of plaster casts (GA, level 02) and is closely linked with the universities art collections.