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The Institute of Archaeological Sciences of the Ruhr University Bochum is characterised by an exceptionally wide range of topics and methods. The curriculum is being further extended by various e-learning offers, which are presented below.

„Athena“– Secure in basic knowledge and scientific work in the field of Classical Archaeology

Dates, facts and specific terms within classical archaeology – in order to consolidate such knowledge in the first semesters, seven e-learning courses were developed with the Adobe software, Captivate, at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences of the Ruhr University Bochum. Such courses serve as self-examination. The courses under the name "Athena" are meant to accompany our freshmen during their introductory module.
The management and conception of the project is attributed to Dr. Clarissa Blume-Jung. The practical fulfilment of the learning units was done by our student Lisa Pfannenstein. Dr. Blume-Jung was able to win the € 5.000 needed to finance the project by participating in an internal university competition. This was the competition "5 x 5000" with the topic "Blended Learning". The aim of the competition was to promote e-learning projects that concretely enrich regular lessons.
The dates chosen in the courses are based on the following introductory publication: T. Hölscher (a. o.), Klassische Archäologie. Grundwissen (Darmstadt 2006).
Please enjoy and be successful in the courses!

Dr. Clarissa Blume-Jung

With eLearning in the Footsteps of Classical Archaeology

The project 'eLearning in the footsteps of Classical Archaeology' aims to provide all undergraduate students studying Archaeological Sciences with the means to easily acquire the basic knowledge of Classical Archaeology through a professional and sophisticated Model course, covering a wide range of online learning opportunities.
The foundation stone for this project was established by two students, Sylvia Hunsicker and Lucas Latzel, under the direction of Dr. Clarissa Blume-Jung as part of the eTutor program of the RUB. The goal now is to develop and professionalise a Model module, which, starting now, can be used every semester for our regular introductory course. In a sense this "blended learning" through new e-learning courses should supplement introductory course with basic knowledge of classical archaeology, and thus provide a common foundation for all further studies.
A grant of € 2,500 was awarded to Dr. Blume-Jung, Sylvia Hunsikcker and Lucas Latzel after their participation in an internal university competition under the title „Alle RUBeL Jahre – der 5x5000-Wettbewerb wird 10 Jahre“ ("All RUBeL years – the 5x5000- Competition turns 10").

Dr. Clarissa Blume-Jung