The survey

More than 100 people from all areas of the RUB have participated in the survey on the teaching mission statement – students and teachers as well as also non-scientific personnel and alumni! Many exciting thoughts and ideas have been collected in this process.
Here, a detailed, more than four pages long summary of the results can be found as PDF – and on this page we have compiled a selection of quotations illustrating the liveliness of the answers!
The RUB – a university you can rely on!
“What is it for you that fills the mission statement with life?“ There were many pleasing and partly also touching anwers:

  •  “Learning. Performance. Living Community.  – This means for me the work as a student representative and in the student representatives committees. I take responsibility for myself and my fellow students, I have a say and implement.”
  • “As a former RUB student, it is a nice and lively feeling to be still part of the university… and then a university you can rely on is a stroke of luck.”

It becomes clear: As an institution, our RUB is appreciated by many people who have participated in the survey – and more than just that: The RUB is not only a place of learning, but community – universitas that is lived!

About poetry slams and open ears

Without exception, the feedback to this question reflects the proactivity and willingness of the RUB members to promote successful teaching day by day. People tell about larger projects, best practices as well as also about small gestures.

  •  “I include students as much as possible into current topics and, in doing so, try to stage something new and interesting for them, for example a course-internal poetry slam Middle High German Poetry.”
  •  “I have been working as an administrative employee at the RUB for more than 10 years and for me communicating with young people is great fun […]. It is also important for me that the RUB does not only consist of exams and performance, but also of people who find someone ready to listen to their needs and worries.”

Using criticism on the mission statement for the improvement of teaching

Besides the predominantly positive feedback, there were also several critical voices we would like to take up at this point. Some participants note that the standard of the mission statement does not always align with the reality at the RUB. The implementation of the mission statement is made difficult by structural conditions such as suboptimal working conditions of teachers or the strict compulsory attendance, which is not always compatible with the life situations of students who have jobs besides being students.
Thus, it is shown that the mission statement, as a guideline and evaluation framework, is definitely working – that is a relief for us. The critical suggestions are just as valuable for us as approval and positive feedback – please do not hesitate to contact us with negative experiences as well!

Thank you!

Finally, there is only one more thing to do: We would like to cordially express our thanks to all people implementing the mission statement in their everyday life and, in doing so, making their personal contribution to good and successful teaching as well as to everyone who dealt with the mission statement in a critical and constructive way for their participation!