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A mission statement for teaching!

"Learning. Performance. Living Community." - this is the title of the mission statement that has been developed especially for the teaching at the RUB. This reflects the idea of universitas as a community of teachers and students defining the direction of RUB campus life. Teachers and students bear joint responsibility, in their action they focus on values and they make diversity a priority. All these essential thoughts given by the mission statement serve as a compass for our action. Thus, the mission statement significantly contributes to the improvement of the teaching at the RUB – if all of us fill it with life!

What counts is the commitment of everyone!

The mission statement has been developed from the centre of the university community by a group of teachers and students. Discussions in various work environments and committees of the RUB have shown an overwhelming consensus across all groups and disciplinary borders. That is why it is already clear that the mission statement is in keeping with the spirit of the RUB. It serves its purpose if it is thought through, discussed, taken up and brought to life through actions. All members of the RUB are called upon for this purpose, no matter whether teachers, students or employees in the administration.

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