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Sub-Project G: Prof. Dr. W. Sander

Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Hydrogen-Bridged Aggregates and Specific Solvation - Investigation of Molecules with Hetero Atoms, pi Systems, and Open Shell Systems


Matrix isolation spectroscopy will be used to isolate and characterize spectroscopically weakly bound complexes in well defined conformations. The most importand tool for these investigations is IR spectroscopy in combination with ab-initio and DFT calculations.

Possible dimers of acetylene - formamide. A and B can be optained by matrix isolation.

The experiments now also include the important FIR region between 50 and 300 cm-1, where intermolecular modes can be directly observed. Systems to be investigated are complexes of phenol, aniline, and heteroaromatic compounds, peptides and model peptides, deuterated compounds and open shell molecules (radicals and nitrenes).

These investigations will be performed in close collaboration with the other sub-projects to obtain detailed insight into aggregation processes of molecules controlled by weak intermolecular interactions.