Neuropsychology as a discipline, adresses the investigation of the neural basis of behaviour. A frequent procedure involves lesion studies, in which cognitive and affective functions are studied in brain damaged patients. The increasing use functional of neuro imaging and electrophysiological techniques in neuropsychologyfocusses on to draw general knowledge about the neural basis of psychological processes in humans

Undergraduate courses ("Vordiplom" and bachelor):

Exerimantal work, introduction to neuropsychology

Postgraduate courses ("Diplom" and Master) :

Lectures in clinical neuropsychology, courses on specific neuropsychological deficts, neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation, event-related potentials, neuro imaging techniques, research seminar.

Courses for Biology Students

International Graduate School for Neuroscience:

Neuropsychology Lectures in Cognitive Neuroscience, courses on neuropsychological methods