Machine diagnostics
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Laboratory for Experimental Modal Analysis and Machine Diagnostics

The laboratory for experimental modal analysis and machine diagnostics offers in the frame of projects and education experimental investigations of the structural vibration behavior as well as the diagnostics of different structures and systems.

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A wide range of vibration induced problems in practice can be successfully classified and tackled using carefully conducted vibration analysis. The laboratory for experimental modal analysis and machine diagnostics is equipped with experimental facilities for vibration analysis and solution of the vibration problems. Experimental facilities of the laboratory offer the students of engineering study courses the possibility to extend their theoretical knowledge and through practical implementation to acquire better understanding of vibration phenomena. For guests and partners from industry, especially SME, the laboratory offers practice oriented solutions for modal analysis, experimental vibration analysis and testing, data acquisition and measurement data processing.

Application fields

•  Experimental modal analysis, identification of modal parameters (eigenfrequencies, eigenforms and modal damping)

•  Investigation and identification of critical rotational frequencies

• Balancing

• Order analysis and damage detection of ball-bearings

• Laboratory case studies


• Brüel & Kjær system for modal analysis (hammer and shaker tests)

• Modular system for machine diagnostics (critical rotational frequencies, balancing, damage detection)

• Transducers for vibration analysis (force transducers, accelerometers, laser vibrometer)