Active Reduction of Vibration
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Laboratory for Active Vibration Control

In the laboratory for active vibration control we develop and implement various advanced control methods for smart structures.

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The laboratory is equipped with systems for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) implementation of advanced control methods. For active vibration control, the control systems based on piezoelectric actuators/sensors and laser based measurement are employed. Control methods include: robust, optimal, sliding-mode, fuzzy, disturbance-rejection control as well as other advanced control methods. Implementation of the control loops is realized with Matlab/Simulink im HiL-System dSPACE. For model based control, experimentally identified of numerical models are developed and implemented.

Application fields

• Active Vibration Control (AVC)

• Active Structural Acoustic Control (ASAC)

• Design, optimization, verification, testing and implementation of smart structures and systems

• Model and system identification


• dSPACE Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems

• Piezoelectric actuators and sensors

• Contactless optical sensors

• Piezoelectric amplifiers (PI Ceramic), signal conditioning equipment

• Accelerometers and force transducers