Laboratory equipment

Our laboratory is currently equipped with a field-emission electron microprobe manufactured by Cameca (SXFiveFE). You can find a detailed list of the configuration of our instrument following the links given below.

Cameca SX50

Our former microprobe 'SX50' with tungsten filament and four wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (no longer available).

In addition to both microprobes, our lab is equipped with extensive peripherals for sample preparation and documentation of analytical results:

  • variety of different reference materials (minerals, glasses, metals,...)
  • Leica microscope (transmitted and reflected light) with digital camera and pointlogger device
  • Carbon coater (Cressington 208carbon) with thickness monitor (Cressington MTM 10)
  • High-resolution thin-section scanner (10000 dpi, with polarizing foil)
  • Sample storage in desiccators
  • Uninterrupted power supply for the electron microprobe
  • Residual gas analyzer (SRS RGA 200), permanently installed
  • Active magnetic field compensation