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The new Infection Protection Act means that extensive measures to reduce contact in the workplace will once again apply in Germany from 24 November 2021. For example, compliance with the so-called 3G regulations (i.e. employees must be vaccinated, recovered from or tested for Covid-19) will be monitored and documented. If possible, employees should work from home.

How do operations work in practice right now?

Last update: 14 January 2022

Key rules for working together under Covid-19 conditions (also for situations of Covid-19 infection, symptoms, contact, international travel) are compiled on the page

Moreover, detailed regulations, information and forms are provided in the “Serviceportal” (partly German):

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Frequently asked questions

Where do I currently get booster or initial vaccinations? (14 January 2022)

An operational vaccination campaign for booster vaccinations or individual vaccinations is not planned at the RUB due to the considerable effort involved, which cannot be realised at short notice. However, there is a chance to get boostered or vaccinated, for example, at the Bezirksverwaltung Süd in the Uni-Center, sometimes without an appointment. There are furthermore sufficient vaccination offers in general practitioners' and specialists' practices, at mobile vaccination campaigns and in fixed vaccination centres of the cities and municipalities. Locations and schedules of public vaccination services are available online on the Corona pages of the cities and municipalities.

Further locations and schedules of public vaccination services are available online on the Corona pages of the cities and municipalities.

Further information is available on the vaccination page in the service portal (German).

Will there be a test centre at RUB? (1 December 2021)

Since November 29, 2021, there is once again a test centre at RUB for the free citizen test, which is required for 3G proof. The test centre is located at the Student Service Center (SSC) on the street level at the parking deck exit. It is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To some extent, we have already checked and documented the 3G status in our area - can we use this documentation for the necessary proof of 3G in the workplace?

Yes, this is possible. If the "fully vaccinated" or "fully recovered" status has already been carefully checked and recorderd - for example, because the certificate has already been submitted after a return from leave or due to teaching commitments - it is not necessary to check the relevant employees again.

When am I classified as a „contact person" who is not allowed to work on campus? (17 November 2021)

In the Serviceportal for employees, you will find the information sheet „Information for persons who had a close contact with an infectious person", which provides information on the circumstances under which a person is classified as a „close contact person“ and the rules of conduct that apply.

Do I get my salary during a quarantine? (22 October 2021)

If employees are quarantined by the responsible health authority, this order is binding. From 11 October 2021, people who are not vaccinated do no longer have the right of continuation of payment.

You can find further information on this topic in the “Serviceportal” (German).

Do I have to document my daily contacts? (20 August 2021)

As of 20 August 2021, documentation of daily contacts as well as documentation of the presence on campus is no longer necessary.

What kind of support is available for employees with children, pregnant employees and family caregivers? (19 May 2021)

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, RUB has steadily expanded its support services for employees with childcare and caregiving responsibilities. The Family-friendly University Department has compiled an overview of all measures as well as numerous links in the "Serviceportal". This overview is always up to date and includes topics such as emergency care or working from home, as well as a fund for lecturers.

Another page in the "Serviceportal" addresses academics. The focus here is on research funding in the coronavirus pandemic. Many donors have adapted their services and deadlines to the pandemic. The page in the service portal provides a good overview, broken down by phase of research (application, ongoing projects) and by donor.

Do I have accident insurance in my home office? (8 June 2020)

Basically yes. You can find detailed regulations on this in a PDF document in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

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