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Until 8 October 2021, a new Coronavirus Protection Ordinance applies in NRW. This affects the work routines at RUB. It is based on the idea that as many restrictions as possible should be dropped for people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. Non-immunised persons are obliged to regularly get tested for the virus.

In the coming weeks, RUB will nevertheless keep up the current home office regulations. Employees who want to and for whom it is possible can continue to work from home. However, it is also possible to work on campus once again – while maintaining social distancing and airing the rooms frequently. Important general questions and answers are compiled on this page.

How do operations work in practice right now?

Key rules for working together under Covid-19 conditions (also for situations of Covid-19 infection, symptoms, contact, international travel) are compiled on the page

Moreover, detailed regulations, information and forms are provided in the “Serviceportal” (German):

Service page Corona

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to document my daily contacts? (20 August 2021)

As of 20 August 2021, documentation of daily contacts as well as documentation of the presence on campus is no longer necessary.

How is vaccination at RUB progressing? (19 August 2021)

Vaccinations for employees at RUB have been completed on 18 August 2021.

Further information is available on the vaccination page in the service portal (German).

Do I need to produce a test result following a prolonged absence or holiday? (23 July 2021)

Employees who have not worked for at least five consecutive working days due to a holiday or similar time off work must submit a negative test result from a rapid antigen test (“citizen test”) or PCR test to the employer on the first working day following this interruption of work. This does not apply to immunised people (people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered according to the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance §3(3)).

  • It is recommended that even employees who are returning from a business trip submit a negative test result to the employer on the first working day following this interruption of work.
  • If the person is resuming work from home, this obligation applies to the first day on which work takes place at the RUB site outside of the person’s own home. This does not apply to immunised people (people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered according to the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance §3(3)).

Affected employees submit to their supervisor or the appointed person:

  • A negative test result from a coronavirus rapid antigen test (“citizen test”)
  • A negative PCR test
  • Evidence of recovery (PCR test no more than 1 to 6 months old)
  • Evidence of complete immunisation (such as by means of vaccination)

The supervisors or their appointed agents document that the necessary evidence has been submitted. This documentation is to be stored like the overview of attendance in the workplace while abiding by data protection regulations and then destroyed. (Table with following information: name of the employee, details of absence period, date on which the test/vaccination immunity was submitted, signature of the responsible person)

The employees retain the evidence for four weeks so that it can be submitted as evidence in the event of an inspection.

What kind of support is available for employees with children, pregnant employees and family caregivers? (19 May 2021)

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, RUB has steadily expanded its support services for employees with childcare and caregiving responsibilities. The Family-friendly University Department has compiled an overview of all measures as well as numerous links in the "Serviceportal". This overview is always up to date and includes topics such as emergency care or working from home, as well as a fund for lecturers.

Another page in the "Serviceportal" addresses academics. The focus here is on research funding in the coronavirus pandemic. Many donors have adapted their services and deadlines to the pandemic. The page in the service portal provides a good overview, broken down by phase of research (application, ongoing projects) and by donor.

Do I have accident insurance in my home office? (8 June 2020)

Basically yes. You can find detailed regulations on this in a PDF document in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

Do I get my salary during a quarantine? (16 March 2020)

If employees are quarantined by the responsible health authority, this order is binding. You will receive this order in writing. Your salary will continue to be paid during this period.

If RUB orders a quarantine, you will also continue to receive your salary.

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