Questions and answers for employees

Even if loosenings are now part of the everyday life of many university members, the fact remains that the RUB is in reduced operation for the time being. Teaching will continue to take place online as before and will continue to do so until further notice. The majority of the employees also continue to work in their home office. As before, the RUB is implementing the policy decisions on how to deal with the Corona pandemic responsibly and with a sense of proportion.

As usual, detailed regulations, information and forms will be successively be published here as well as in the "Serviceportal".

Can new hires and reemployment be processed? (2 July 2020)

A distinction must be made between the status groups:

Professors, civil servants: The HR department currently has a problem with new appointments of civil servants for life, because the health authorities offer appointments for official medical examinations with a significant delay; the Bochum health authority currently allocates check-ups for the end of September. Delays are therefore to be expected.

Research assistants and “Tarifbeschäftigte” (employees covered by collective bargaining agreements): All applications are being processed once again, in order of priority.

Assistant lecturers/assistants: All applications will be processed promptly. The two-week period (before the start of the contract) is currently suspended.

What about the vacation system? (2 July 2020)

It is once again possible to digitally submit and process holiday requests of all employees in the engineering and administration departments. All participants in the pilot phases of the digital holiday management scheme can submit their holiday requests digitally as usual. As of 1 July 2020, the special rule of applying by email is no longer in force.

All other employees must once again submit their holiday request in writing through the official channels.

Please note any further instructions regarding your holiday request. More information on the project is available in the "Serviceportal".

Can vocational training at RUB be continued on location? (2 July 2020)

Currently, trainees are trained on campus wherever possible, i.e. in compliance with the health protection regulations. Other trainees are still working from home, as some workshops are still closed or because they can’t be supervised as offices can be used by only one person at a time. Trainees prepare for their exams and attend some in-person classes in small groups.

Can the staff of Department 3 Human Resources and Law be contacted by email? (25 June 2020)

Due to the cyber attack on the RUB, the staff of Department 3 could only be reached by telephone for a while. In the meantime, all the usual means of contact are available again.

How to submit invoices? (12 June 2020)

How an invoice is to be submitted to Department 4 depends on whether the invoice is received in paper or digital form at the facility. You can find the exact procedure for this in the "Serviceportal".

Will an informal email be sufficient to call in sick/report back to work or will I have to fill out the form and send it to Department 3 (Dezernat 3)? (12 June 2020)

The digital system is currently not working. However, you can call in sick/report back for work by sending an email that is approved by your superior to Dezernat 3 - Administrative Department of Human Resources and Law. From the third day of sick leave, a certificate of incapacity to work (“Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung”, AU) will be required, as per usual. The exact procedure is outlined in the "Serviceportal".

Do I have accident insurance in my home office? (8 June 2020)

Basically yes. You can find detailed regulations on this in a PDF document in the "Serviceportal", which is updated daily.

What do I do if I receive an overdue notice? (4 June 2020)

Overdue notices can be submitted to department 4, accounts payable (Dezernat 4, Kreditorenbuchhaltung). You should include a note stating whether you are aware of the relevant invoice and whether it was submitted by post or by email. You should also include a contact.

Can I get a written confirmation that I’ve been working from home (“home office”) for my tax return? (4 June 2020)

Written confirmations are likely to be issued by the responsible staff members next year, i.e. in 2021. The number of days you have been working from home must be confirmed in advance by your supervisor.

What rules now apply to all employees of RUB? (15 May 2020)

Workplace rules during reduced operations

Keep your distance! At least 1.5 m (5 feet). If that’s not possible, use plexiglass partition or cover your mouth and nose with a mask or cloth.
Communication: If possible always communicate by phone, email or video conference.
Greetings: Avoid at all cost! No handshakes! No hugs!
Rooms in general: air all rooms regularly or leave ventilation/air conditioning switched on.
Confined spaces: (e.g. lifts, toilets, changing rooms, photocopy rooms, tea kitchens) should be used by one person at a time.
Common rooms: Should be used only by persons who are not allowed to eat and drink at the workplace (e.g. laboratory, workshop). Only one or a few persons at a time. Seats at a distance of at least 1.5 m (5 feet) next to each other (not facing each other).
Office workstations: If possible, in single offices or home offices (in the case of multiple offices through time-staggered rotation, e.g. alternating with working from home). When used by several people at the same time, the distance between seats should be at least 1.5 m, not facing each other and with at least 10 sqm per person.
Workshops and labs: Follow the distancing rules. Don’t share any personal protective equipment with others. If possible, don’t share any tools with others, clean them regularly and wear gloves when tools are used by more than one person.

(Coronavirus) rules for COVID-19 infection, symptoms, contact, international travel

COVID-19 infection verified: Patients who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 (positive test result) are not allowed to enter the RUB campus and facilities until the responsible public health department has lifted the quarantine.
In case of symptoms of a respiratory tract infection (cough, sniffles, sore throat with/without fever) and in case of newly occurring odour or taste disorders, do not go to work but contact your family doctor (COVID-19 test if necessary, certificate of incapacity to work).
Contact with a patient: Persons who have had direct contact with a COVID-19 patient may only enter the RUB campus and facilities after the quarantine imposed by the health department has ended (at the earliest 14 days after contact).
During the quarantine period after a stay abroad, RUB campus and facilities may not be entered. Whether quarantine is compulsory depends on the country visited.

How can the deployment of personnel be managed while maintaining social distancing? (4 May 2020)

Deployment on campus is planned by the persons in charge using a personnel deployment concept (“Personaleinsatzkonzept”, PEK) and reported to the faculty or administrative management. From there, the crisis management team is notified of the personnel deployment concepts, which can then be implement.

In the "Serviceportal", this process is outlined in detail from the perspective of superiors and employees. In addition to links, numerous documents on the organisation of deployment are available for download: personnel deployment concept, RUB regulations for cooperation during reduced operations, checklist for managers, instruction aid, operating instructions, risk groups: form (the process will be published here soon), attendance list, information sheet for third-party contractors, information sheet for visitors, poster “Abstand halten” (“Keep your distance”), poster “Hygienetipps” (“Hygiene tips”), RUB site plan: entrances, cleaning services at RUB.

How do I set up my home office? (4 May 2020)

As far as possible, employees should continue to work from their home office.

IT Services has published a page with IT tips for home office. There you can find information on how to set up a VPN tunnel and call forwarding as well as checking your emails from outside RUB.

In addition to these more technical tips, the service portal offers in the "Serviceportal" further tips for working at home.

Does mail delivery continue? (4 May 2020)

All incoming mail and parcels at RUB arrive at the central post office (internal and external). It is possible to collect mail and parcels in person at the central post office every day between 7 am and 12 noon. The central post office is available as usual under the phone no. 22957. Due to the currently reduced number of staff, it is not possible to deliver mail to offices outside the campus.

Three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, mail will be delivered to the external mailboxes on campus, and users will be able to pick up their mail from 12 noon. This applies to the following mailboxes: IA, IB, IC, ID, NC, GB, GD.

Mailboxes for outgoing mail at the external post offices on campus will be emptied the same days and the mail will be dispatched.

Parcels can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10 a.m. and 12 noon at the mailrooms in the following buildings:

  • Mailroom GB Süd 05/56: GA, GB, GC, GD
  • Mailroom IB Süd 01/114: IA, IB, IC, ID, IAN, IBN, ICN, IDN
  • Infopoint MA: MA, ZKF1, ZKF2, TM (ZVM)
  • Mailroom NC Nord 04/298: NB, NC, ND
  • Zentrale Poststelle (central mailroom): all other buildings

In-person contact will be kept to a minimum as parcels are handed over.

What changes once reduced operations are implemented? (29 April 2020)

3 May 2020 will be the last day when RUB is running so-called low-encounter basic operations. On 4 May, so-called reduced operations will be implemented. For many RUB members, it will bring about only a few changes. Most employees will continue to work from home.

The "Serviceportal" explains in detail, for example, the differences between the operating phases.

In the future, too, all measures and decisions concerning the operations at RUB will be subject to epidemiological developments and official policies.

Who is entitled to childcare? (28 April 2020)

Employees working in critical key positions and, since 27 April 2020, single parents are entitled to childcare in case of emergency. The certificate for this can be obtained from "Stabsstelle Familiengerechte Hochschule". Further information can be found in the "Serviceportal".

Are there any support services in place for employees with children, pregnant employees and family caregivers? (22 April 2020)

The Family-friendly University provides advice to employees with family and caring responsibilities. The most important information, also on this topic, can be found as PDF in the "Serviceportal".

Is the fee for university sports courses partially refunded? (7 April 2020)

All participants entitled to a partial refund have received an email from the University Sports Department. The validity of cards for "Unifit" will be automatically extended for the duration of the closure.

Are internal transfers possible? (2 April 2020)

Internal manual transfers can be done. Paper versions are preferable. Otherwise, the signed transfer request can also be submitted as a PDF file to

How should procurement applications be submitted? (2 April 2020)

Urgent procurement applications can be submitted by email, and do not have to be submitted in the original. Instead of confirming the factual correctness of the information in the procurement application by hand, a written confirmation in the email is sufficient. Urgent service and freelance contracts can be submitted in the same way.

Please direct any queries to the Purchasing Division at the following email address:
Regarding invoices for orders placed by the Purchasing Division, further information can be found under “How to submit invoices during basic operations?”

How can I claim travel expenses (including for cancelled business trips)? (30 March 2020)

Generally, all costs incurred can be claimed at the travel cost office by submitting an expense report. If travel expenses could not be fully or could be only partially cancelled, proof of expenses must be enclosed. Any deductions received must be clearly indicated on the expense invoice.

If the application for travel expenses is submitted by email, the following applies:

- The authorising officer must also confirm the “factual correctness” by email.

- The email must contain a statement that the costs will not be claimed again at a later date with the original receipts.

Meetings and conferences:

Here, proof of cancellation must be enclosed with the expense report. This proof is not required for countries or regions that have implemented entry bans in the meantime.

Rebooking flights:

As it isn’t possible to make any future prognoses at this point, it is not recommended to accept the airlines' rebooking offers.

Is there childcare for children of employees? Or other options? (25 March 2020)

RUB employees who must stay at home in order to care for their children under the age of twelve because childcare can’t be provided due to the closure of childcare facilities will be transferred to the home office until further notice. If this is not possible, they will be released from work and will continue to receive their salary. They will still be obliged to be available by phone between 9 am and 3 pm. Employees who have to take advantage of this regulation should contact their superior and inform the Department of HR and Legal Affairs.

Will the car parks remain open? (18 March 2020)

The car parks on RUB campus will remain open as usual. P4–8 are open to the public, P1–3 requires an access key. Anyone wishing to enter the visitors’ car park can use the intercom system.

Can the holiday be cancelled? (16 March 2020)

As a rule, holidays that have already been approved must be taken.

Do I get my salary during a quarantine? (16 March 2020)

If employees are quarantined by the responsible health authority, this order is binding. You will receive this order in writing. Your salary will continue to be paid during this period.

If RUB orders a quarantine, you will also continue to receive your salary.

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