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Operations at RUB will continue under Covid 19 conditions: Working from home and online teaching remain the norm for the time being. RUB will react to the course of the pandemic and the requirements of politics and make appropriate adjustments and changes.

Important general questions and answers are compiled on this page. Moreover, detailed regulations, information and forms are provided in the "Serviceportal" (German).

How do operations under COVID 19 conditions work in practice?

Please see information on the page “General information about Corona”.

Frequently asked questions

What is the RUB’s vaccination strategy? (6 May 2021)

In the Corona Vaccination Ordinance issued by the Federal Government on 29 April 2021, university employees are listed in priority group 3. In the vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (decree of 5 May 2021), a further “fine-tuned prioritisation” is applied within this group; university employees are not yet initially included here in the groups of people who can book a vaccination appointment via the appointment booking systems of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung).

It may well be that RUB embloyees can be vaccinated by their doctors, depending on the availability of vaccines, or to make a vaccination appointment at vaccination centres in other federal states. For this purpose, they can download a form in the RUB service portal to confirm that they work at RUB and therefore belong to priority group 3.

As soon as it becomes possible for university employees to book appointments at vaccination centres in NRW via the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen), the following applies: If an official employer’s certificate is required for booking appointments at vaccination centres in NRW, it will be immediately available on the service portal.

RUB is also exploring all options to set up an its own vaccination centre on campus in order to start in-house vaccinations in June 2021, if possible. We will notify you in good time as soon as this option takes shape.

Can the holiday be cancelled? (15 March 2021)

When planning your vacation, even during the pandemic, please make sure that you do not accumulate an excessive amount of vacation and, in the worst case, even forfeit vacation. Even if you cannot go away, it is necessary to recover from work on a regular basis. Please plan your vacation in consultation with colleagues and supervisors. Also make sure to integrate enough recovery phases in 2021.

The following applies to all status groups or personnel categories and to all forms of vacation management (centralized or decentralized, digital or paper form):

  • Vacation that has already been approved must be taken.
  • Postponement of already approved leave is only possible in justified individual cases and also requires the approval of superiors as well as the designation of a prompt alternative period for the leave.

For individual requests concerning this topic, please contact Department 3 or Department 7.

Can I get a written confirmation that I’ve been working from home (“home office”) for my tax return 2020? (18 February 2021)

Yes. A maximum of 120 days can be claimed for tax purposes. The home office flat rate is five euros per day. Supervisors must complete this formula.

May I stay at home to care for my children during the time of the Germany-wide lockdown? (8 Februar 2021)

RUB employees who must stay at home in order to care for their children under the age of twelve because childcare can’t be provided due to the restrictions in schools and childcare facilities will remain at the home office.

For further questions, please contact please contact Stabsstelle Familiengerechte Hochschule (German website).

Does mail delivery continue? (6 January 2021)

Information on mail and parcel delivery can be found in RUB’s “Serviceportal”.

Can vocational training at RUB be continued on location? (16 December 2020)

To trainees the same home office regulations apply as to all employees. The technical equipment as well as the circumstances for supervision of the trainees by RUB have to be considered. Only if these cannot be guaranteed, trainees should be released from work. In this case, contact the Abteilung Hilfskräfte, Lehrbeauftragte und Auszubildende at the Department of HR and Legal Affairs.

Why is the University not being closed – as it was in March 2020? (14 December 2020)

Compared to March 2020, RUB has learned a lot and has a better idea as to how the university’s operations can be maintained with the greatest possible infection protection. The Rectorate, however, urges all supervisors in academia and administration to allow their employees to work from home wherever possible.

How can I best document my daily contacts? (30 July 2020)

Operations under Covid-19 conditions facilitate work processes on campus, while helping us maintain our duty of care towards employees and students through infection prevention measures. A crucial element is the prompt traceability of contacts over a period of 4 weeks in the event of a Covid-19 infection (positive test result), so that chains of infection can be interrupted permanently at an early stage. In courses, seminars etc., this is done by registering in an attendance list. We also recommend that all employees document (e.g. daily) with whom they’ve had contact at their workplace, in particular if they had any face-to-face contact at a distance of less than 1.5 metres (5 feet) for at least 15 minutes.

Can new hires and reemployment be processed? (2 July 2020)

A distinction must be made between the status groups:

Professors, civil servants: The HR department currently has a problem with new appointments of civil servants for life, because the health authorities offer appointments for official medical examinations with a significant delay; the Bochum health authority currently allocates check-ups for the end of September. Delays are therefore to be expected.

Research assistants and “Tarifbeschäftigte” (employees covered by collective bargaining agreements): All applications are being processed once again, in order of priority.

Assistant lecturers/assistants: All applications will be processed promptly. The two-week period (before the start of the contract) is currently suspended.

How to submit invoices? (12 June 2020)

How an invoice is to be submitted to Department 4 depends on whether the invoice is received in paper or digital form at the facility. You can find the exact procedure for this in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

Do I have accident insurance in my home office? (8 June 2020)

Basically yes. You can find detailed regulations on this in a PDF document in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

What do I do if I receive an overdue notice? (4 June 2020)

Overdue notices can be submitted to department 4, accounts payable (Dezernat 4, Kreditorenbuchhaltung). You should include a note stating whether you are aware of the relevant invoice and whether it was submitted by post or by email. You should also include a contact.

Who is entitled to childcare? (28 April 2020)

Employees working in critical key positions and, since 27 April 2020, single parents are entitled to childcare in case of emergency. The certificate for this can be obtained from "Stabsstelle Familiengerechte Hochschule". Further information can be found in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

Are there any support services in place for employees with children, pregnant employees and family caregivers? (22 April 2020)

The Family-friendly University provides advice to employees with family and caring responsibilities. The most important information, also on this topic, can be found as PDF in the "Serviceportal" (in German).

Are internal transfers possible? (2 April 2020)

Internal manual transfers can be done. Paper versions are preferable. Otherwise, the signed transfer request can also be submitted as a PDF file to

How should procurement applications be submitted? (2 April 2020)

Urgent procurement applications can be submitted by email, and do not have to be submitted in the original. Instead of confirming the factual correctness of the information in the procurement application by hand, a written confirmation in the email is sufficient. Urgent service and freelance contracts can be submitted in the same way.

Please direct any queries to the Purchasing Division at the following email address:
Regarding invoices for orders placed by the Purchasing Division, further information can be found under “How to submit invoices during basic operations?”

How can I claim travel expenses (including for cancelled business trips)? (30 March 2020)

Generally, all costs incurred can be claimed at the travel cost office by submitting an expense report. If travel expenses could not be fully or could be only partially cancelled, proof of expenses must be enclosed. Any deductions received must be clearly indicated on the expense invoice.

If the application for travel expenses is submitted by email, the following applies:

  • The authorising officer must also confirm the “factual correctness” by email.
  • The email must contain a statement that the costs will not be claimed again at a later date with the original receipts.

Meetings and conferences:

Here, proof of cancellation must be enclosed with the expense report. This proof is not required for countries or regions that have implemented entry bans in the meantime.

Rebooking flights:

As it isn’t possible to make any future prognoses at this point, it is not recommended to accept the airlines' rebooking offers.

Do I get my salary during a quarantine? (16 March 2020)

If employees are quarantined by the responsible health authority, this order is binding. You will receive this order in writing. Your salary will continue to be paid during this period.

If RUB orders a quarantine, you will also continue to receive your salary.

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