Current information about Corona

The central regulations on Corona were largely abolished on 2 February. This means that the Ruhr University's Corona regulations have also been cancelled without replacement. However, in order to avoid infection, it is advisable to continue to use the tried and tested protective and hygiene measures.

As of 2 February, most of the regulations that formed the basis for the Ruhr University's corona-related regulations (Corona Protection Ordinance, Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, Corona Test and Quarantine Ordinance) expired.

These regulations are thus repealed, corresponding posters on the entrance doors are removed, and the navigation point Corona disappears from the main navigations, for example in the central website and the news portal.

Since COVID-19 will continue to be a part of our daily lives, it is recommended that we continue to implement proven protective measures to protect ourselves and others from Corona, influenza and other influenza-related respiratory illnesses - especially

  • when there is a high incidence of infection,
  • during the heating season, when respiratory infections regularly become widespread, and
  • when dealing with people who are particularly in need of protection (e.g. due to pregnancy, chronic illness).

Information for employees

In the "Serviceportal" (German website), employees and managers will continue to find

  • all information on personal hygiene measures in everyday life
  • sensible protective measures in the event of a high incidence of infection
  • urgent recommendations for dealing with (COVID) diseases
  • Possibilities for providing special protection to colleagues (e.g. due to chronic illness or pregnancy)
  • information on which cases corona tests and masks will continue to be made available

(The Serviceportal is only available to Ruhr University staff within the campus network).

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