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Ruhr-Universität Bochum and all its facilities have closed their buildings since Wednesday 18 March. You can find all information for RUB students about examinations, lectures and so forth here.

Vice rector´s open letter to students at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Dear Students at Ruhr-Universität Bochum,

The current outbreak of coronavirus has forced radical changes to our patterns of social interaction. Close physical contact with others can be dangerous – both for us and for others. Under these conditions, it is more important than ever to establish and maintain contact in other ways, and we will be using as many channels as possible to keep in touch. Although this distanced interaction via various media is far from ideal, it actually works quite well.

And this is exactly how courses during the lecture term in summer semester 2020 will be organised: using all of the media available to the RUB, you will receive a full range of distant learning course offerings. You will be able to earn credit points, and all of your studies and learning achievements will be fully recognized.

This will mean, however, that your summer semester of distance learning will be quite different from what was originally planned. Some course offerings will have to be modified: lab work, excursions and practical training may have to be postponed or replaced. Course requirements and learning achievements will be adapted to digital formats.

Throughout the university, all of the various Faculties, the ZWE, the Optionalbereich, as well as the Professional School of Education are using their creativity and expertise to prepare a comprehensive and pragmatic set of distanced learning programmes. Teachers are working to transfer their courses to digital platforms. They are supported by our Centre for Teaching and Learning and our IT specialists. Updated information about teaching and learning is available on this RUB website as well as on individual department home pages.

Creativity and improvisation will be the key to creating a full-fledged set of digital offerings for the coming semester. But distanced learning is not the ideal for teaching at the RUB (we support Blended Learning), nor will it be perfect by April 20. We will all need to be open to new ideas and improvisation, and as students you will be asked to actively contribute to the success of these courses.

Summer semester 2020 may thus become more than just a normal semester. It may well be a semester in which we all have a unique opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, above and beyond the curriculum.

I hope you get through these difficult times and stay healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Kornelia Freitag

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