On all RUB channels in social media we ask for respectful interaction and the observance of some community and legal rules. They can be found in the Netiquette:

Welcome to the channels of Ruhr-Universität Bochum! Your food for thought, constructive criticism, questions and praise enrich our pages. To make sure nothing stands in the way of this, we ask that we all take a few rules into account.
We reserve the right to report, hide or delete posts in case of violations of the rules listed below, if necessary without giving reasons. In the event of repeated or serious violations, accounts will be blocked for a limited period of time or permanently.

Stay respectful!

We are only too happy to respond to constructive criticism and questions and we pass on your feedback. We are also happy for you to discuss amongst yourselves. We value a respectful approach here. Personal attacks and insults against us, third parties or other community members are removed. Comments that spread content that is defamatory, harmful to minors, anti-constitutional, racist or sexist, discriminatory, incites or glorifies violence, is pornographic or punishable by law will equally be removed.

Stay on topic!

The comments are for the expression of opinion and discussion on the topics we report on in the respective posts. Please do not misuse the comment section underneath posts for your off-topic agenda! The people behind the topics do not deserve that. We ask for respect here, too. Questions and criticism on all other topics are welcome by direct message.

Be understandable!

We want all of you to be able to understand each other. We also always want to be able to fulfil our responsibility as a moderator. Unfortunately, that can only be guaranteed in German and English. As a result, we communicate in these two languages and ask that you do the same.

Avoid commercial content!

As a public service institution, we are not permitted to give space to any commercial content.

Observe law and order!

Law and order and the rules of the respective platform also apply to our channels. Infringements can lead to the initiation of legal action in serious cases.
If you want to quote others or post third-party or copyrighted material, please ensure that you cite the sources and copyright holders correctly and verify whether you have the rights of use for the material. We must remove any data and materials that infringe upon the personal rights of you or third parties in order to protect you or third parties.
We also reserve the right to make changes and additions to this netiquette.
The digital opening hours: working days Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm apply on our channels. If you should write to us outside of these times, we ask you to be patient.
We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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