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Maria Spychalska, M.Sc., M.A.

Doctoral Fellow

Mercator Research Group
"Structure of Memory"
Department of Philosophy
Ruhr University of Bochum
Universitätsstraße 150
Room GA 04/142
44780 Bochum, Germany

Phone: +49-(0)234-32-29618
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Email: maria.spychalska(at)

CV and Publications

For more information please consult my homepage.

Research interests:

Logic, reasoning in natural language, formal and experimental semantics & pragmatics, psycho- and neurolinguistics, cognitive science.

In my research I  focus on reasoning, especially reasoning with quantifiers, scalar implicatures, and brain processing of negative sentences. At the moment I work on two topics: (a) ERP study concerning scalar implicatures of quantifiers (b)  ERP study on temporal understanding of conjunctive senetences and memory (c) processing of predicate negation (d) semantics and pragmatics of superlative quantifiers in natural language


M.Sc. in Logic, Institute for Logic Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam.

M.A. in Philosophy,  Centre for Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities, University of Warsaw.


"Processing sentences with negated predicates: the role of opposites", Proceedings of
the 2011 ESSLLI Student Session, Ljubljana.

"From Inference to Meaning. Experimental Study on Reasoning with Quanti ers Some and Most". In Bezhanishvili, Nick, Sebastian Löbner, Kerstin Schwabe & Luca Spada, Logic, Language, and Computation. 8th International Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language, and Computation, TbiLLC 2009, Bakuriani, Georgia, September 2009, Revised Selected Papers: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6618. Heidelberg: Springer.

"On vagueness" (in Polish: "O nieostrosci raz jeszcze"), Studia Semiotyczne XXVII, Polskie Towarzystwo Semiotyczne, (Polish Semiotic Society Publishing), ed. Jerzy Pelc, Warszawa 2010, p. 56-69.

Thesis: Scalar Implicature and Existential Import: Experimental Study on Quantifi ers in Natural Language, ILLC Publications Series, MoL-2009-10.


Teaching:  Summer Semester 2012, Language and Communication: From Interpretation to Inference.

The introductory course into semantics and pragmatics of natural languages. We discuss main problems in the semantics-pragmatics interface: deixis, implicatures, presuppositions.

See: Syllabus