Hörsaal City: Omnipresent selfies – do we live in an era of self-images?

Selfies are popular and at the same time scorned. The image captured at arm length is mostly vilified as self-promotion. However, nowadays we cannot imagine our media without them. We could quickly come to the conclusion that we are living in an era of self-images. Prof Dr Anna Tuschling contrasts the selfie culture with historical precursors in her talk at Hörsaal City, on January 26. She addresses the question of the meaning of this contemporary phenomenon for our digital society. Blue Square, Kortumstraße 90, 6 pm

Hörsaal City: Dr. Josefine Raasch talks about Documentation

Documentations are central parts of professional lives. Physicians keep medical records of their patients, youth welfare workers document their family visits, in kindergardens and in schools teachers make recordings and much more.
But what are the criteria of these documentations and what are the results from the different documentation forms? In her talk Dr Josefine Raasch speaks about local documentation practices, textual strategies and their circulation effects.
18 Uhr, Blue Squere, Kortumstraße 90