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Farewell Mrs Stephan, Welcome Mrs Espinoza

It was a sentimental occasion when the IGSN family gathered, on a Friday, the 13th no less, to bid farewell to its beloved secretary Gisela Stephan. Students, staff, and speakers — past and present — crowded into the FNO seminar room, where Gisela and many others had set up a colourful buffet of international delicacies to celebrate Gisela's retirement.

Director of the IGSN, Prof. Dr. Denise Manahan-Vaughan, payed tribute to Gisela's tireless work for students and guests, emphasised her attention to detail and her dedication to her job, which often went "above and beyond the call of duty". IGSN coordinator Ursula Heiler honoured Gisela as the "heart and soul" of the IGSN, whose warm-heartedness and humour will be much missed. The retiree was then showered with many bouquets of flowers and other retirement gifts, such as a special tribute book, in which many students and staff had written personal messages.

To ensure that the sentiment of her work is carried on, Gisela has spent her last weeks with the IGSN training her successor Analia Espinoza, who will be taking over from Gisela as IGSN secretary. Analia was introduced to the IGSN family on this occasion. We thank Gisela for all she has done for the IGSN and wish her only the best for her retirement.

We will miss you!

Analia Esponiza and Gisela Stephan standing in front of a blackboard upon which there is a heart with the message 'Goodbye Gisela'

Mrs Analia Espinoza and Mrs Gisela Stephan