Media Reports

The International Graduate School of Neuroscience is often in the news.
Here you can read some of the most recent media reports about the IGSN, its students and members.

12.05.2016 - Feel Better With Electricity
A special non-invasive and painless form of electrostimulation activates particular areas of the brain. A pin-point activation of our tactile sense offers exciting therapy approaches.
Link to article on SFB874 website

28.04.2016 - The Smell Of Memories
Our sense of smell influences how our brain stores information about novel objects. A particular part of the hippocampus plays an important role in this process.
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18.11.2011 - Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research NRW, Press release (in German)
Ministerin Schulze: Wir wollen NRW zum Magneten für die besten Köpfe machen / Festveranstaltung in Dortmund zu zehn Jahren „Graduate Schools“
Link to article on NRW website

16.11.2011 - Radio interview with Prof. Manahan-Vaughan
Listen to Prof. Manahan-Vaughan talk about the 10th anniversary of the NRW Graduate Schools on CT das Radio.
Download the interview (18 MB | 7:48 min)

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08.07.2010 - Ruhr-Uni-Bochum, Press release 222
Intoxicating fragrance: jasmine as valium substitute
RUB researchers discover unexpected effect of scents.
Effect is comparable to potent psychotropic drugs.
Link to article on RUB website

21.05.2010 - Ruhr-Uni-Bochum, Press info 159 (in German)
Gen lässt Blau nach Banane duften
Frontiers in Neuroscience Behavior: Taufliegen-Larven können Licht riechen
Bochumer Forscher beobachten neuronales Netz
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