SPP2187 - Adaptive modularized constructions made in flux

The aim of the priority program is to develop basic scientific methods for the production of partially adaptive modules from high-performance concrete in industrial flow production. The modules should have series character and enable rapid construction. Visual individuality of the composite structure shall be preserved, so that scalable, adaptive and over the life cycle alterable modules and suitable production concepts are sought. Researchers from the fields of structural engineering, mechanical engineerin, computation in engineering and mathematics are addressed to contribute to the following three research fields:
•    Design and detailing with a focus on modularization
•    Strategies and concepts of production for scalable modules
•    Digital models for the associated processes
The German Research Foundation supports the priority program since 2020. Within 6 years, around 60 researchers from a total of 8 universities, i.e. 12 research projects and a coordination project, collaborate jointly.