Tutorial Action Sentences


The semantics of action sentences has been a concern of philosophers, linguists, and logicians
since many decades. It is well-known that according to Donald Davidson the logical form of action
sentences involves quantification over events. Quite a different semantical analysis of action
sentences has been suggested in what is now perhaps the most prominent logic of agency, namely
the seeing-to-it-that (stit) theory developed by Nuel Belnap, Michael Perloff, Ming Xu, John Horty and
others. Stit theory is a semantical theory developed against the background of branching time
structures. Of course, agentives should not be analyzed in isolation, and the use of branching time
structures invites taking into account temporal and other modal operators as well.


An one-day tutorial on stit theory will be given by the following invited speakers, cf. program:

Jan Broersen, http://people.cs.uu.nl/broersen/

Andreas Herzig, http://www.irit.fr/~Andreas.Herzig/