Symposium Action Sentences


This symposium compromises three invited one-hour talks on the semantics of action sentences and
stit theory. The invited speakers are distinguished experts in these fields.

The first invited talk will be given by Andreas Herzig (Tolouse) with the title “On the relation between
STIT theory and the logic of programs”. Andreas Herzig is a CNRS research director at the Institut de
Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse and has made seminal contributions to logics for reasoning
about knowledge, belief, time, action, intention, and obligation. He currently investigates the
integration of logics of belief and group belief with speech act theory and theories of action.

The second invited lecture will be given by Jan Broersen (Utrecht). He is a senior researcher at the
Intelligent Systems Group of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the
University of Utrecht. Jan Broersen is known for his work on stit theory, deontic logic, multi-agent
systems, temporal logic, and dynamic logic. He will present an invited talk with the title
“Choice, Attempt and Action in Deontic Probabilistic Stit Logic”.

Andreas Herzig and Jan Broersen will both contribute a tutorial on stit theory at the beginning of the

Last but of course not least, the third invited lecture will be given by Danièle van de Velde, emeritus
professor of linguistics at the University Lille 3. She is well-known for her work on the semantics of
events, actions, and facts, in which she combines both linguistic and philosophical perspectives.
Danièle van de Velde will talk about “How to build events from actions and facts from events”.