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Teaching Activities

since 2017 (RUB)annual lecture and laboratory courses, e.g.:
Organic Chemistry III
Organic Chemistry IV
Modern Organotransition Metal Catalysis
2005 - 2016 (TU Kaiserslautern)annual lecture and laboratory courses, e.g.:
Spectroscopic Methods in Natural Product Sythesis(2D-NMR-Spectroscopy)
Organic Chemistry 8 (Synthese und Katalyse)
Organic Chemistry 5 (Struktur und Reaktivität)
Organic Chemistry 2 and 3 for Students of Biology and Engineering
Advanced Organic Syntheses
Fall term 2008 (Univ. Toronto)lecture course on Homogeneous Catalysis
Summer term 2005lecture course on Advanced Synthetic Methods, RWTH Aachen
Fall terms 2002 - 2004lecture courses on Organometallic Catalysis, University of Wuppertal
April 2000 - Aug. 2004weekly seminar on Current Topics in Organic Chemistry, MPI Mülheim
April 2000 - Aug. 2004supervision of the practical training of chemical technicians
Jan. 1995 - Sep. 1997supervision of the practical course on inorganic chemistry for biology students (laboratory, seminars, colloquia), Technical University of Munich