Lecturer series "Mythen Denken"

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Projekt Weltwissen

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Case and Case Histories: Man as Matter of Anthropological Discourses

From 30.9.-2.10.2010 Prof. Dr. Dr. Yvonne Wübben will chair panel 9 "Case and Case Histories: Man as Matter of Anthropological Discourses" at the Annual Meeting of the German Society for the Study of the 18th Century held in Halle (Germany) from 30 September to 3 October 2010. In this panel Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pethes from RUB's Department of German Studies will also present his recent findings on case histories.
In addition to the history, theory and epistemology of the case, the panel will focus on the relationship between the narrative, the media and episteme. It will examine forms of recordings, writing scenes, and the practices of compilation and collection, allowing to situate the case and case histories in the material and literary culture of the Age of Enlightenment. Another panel (1: Speech Matters - Themes and Topics of Rhetorics) will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Carsten Zelle from RUB.
More information dgej.hab.de/tagungen/tagungen-dgej/tagung-2010

Literary Spaces: Landscape, Memory, Knowledge

From 19.9.-22.9.2010 Prof. Dr. Dr. Yvonne Wuebben will co-chair panel 5 "Literary spaces: Landscape, Memory, Knowledge" at the Germanistentag 2010 in Freiburg, Germany.
Panel presentations attempt to critically review research on the concept of literary spaces in language and literature studies, it will present current projects and outline new ways of researching literary and multimedia-virtual spaces.
More information www.germanistenverband-hochschule.de/germanistentag/index.php?id=716

ENSEMBLE project seminar in Liverpool

Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen will hold one of the two main talks on the ENSEMBLE PROJECT SEMINAR: Socio-material and Posthuman Readings of Digital Learning (September 17, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK). Her talk is entitled "How to study the materiality of learning with ANT".

Ensemble seminar programmme   (1.1 MB)

EASST conference in Trento, Italy

Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen organizes a track under the headline "Creativity and Innovation" jointly with Prof. Dr. Cathrine Hasse on the annual EASST conference (2-4 September), and additionally gives three talks:

Abstracts Sorensen EASST 2010   (302.4 kB)

Complex temporalities in history and technology

From 4. - 5. June 2010 an international conference was held at the University of Basel about complex time concepts which are equally important for both the media research and the history of technology. Prof. Dr. Anna Tuschling co-organized the conference and also headed the section "deferred action". She gave a welcome speech and delivered a lecture:

Tagung über die Komplexität von Zeitlichkeiten

Protocoll and Module as cultural techniques

Prof. Anna Tuschling co-organised an international workshop entitled "Protocoll and Module as cultural techniques". The workshop (21-22 May 2010) took place at the IKKM - Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie in Weimar, Germany.
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